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100-Hour anatomy in motion training

functional anatomy for movement enthusiasts and professionals including those who teach yoga, dance, sports, massage therapists, physical therapy, and energy medicine practitioners


Functional anatomy studies the ways in which human anatomy systems function while in movement. Furthermore, awareness of functional anatomy can reduce the unnecessary effort and strain that cause long-term pain and injury by building awareness in one's body of the most functional choices for easeful and enjoyable movement.

This is not a course that will require heavy reading or lots of memorization! Although this program does utilize books and models, the majority of our study is through activity and experience including yoga and therapeutic exercise; hands-on touch; guided visualizations; and interesting and engaging games. Basically, we learn by having fun and doing what we love to do… Moving!

The skills and awareness that are developed through this work are immediately applicable. A tangible and intuitive sense of anatomy will not only transform your personal movement practice but will also provide powerful tools to meet your students and clients with practical insight that can adapt and apply to each person's unique needs.

This program integrates a special focus on yoga and therapeutic exercise. Yoga teachers and trainers will develop an insightful approach to physical postures and exercise that are far and beyond the standard, formulaic cues. In this course you will learn to "read" bodies and identify where and how you can most effectively support your clients with easy-to-understand language and simple touch cues. Learn to guide your students' awareness to subtle anatomy in group settings as well as one-on-one. Become the teacher that students know to go to for in-depth insight into their own practice, their alignment form, and the intuitive sense to heal themselves.

4-day intensive - The Skeletal System Part 1 (upper and lower limbs) 

2- day weekend The Skeletal System Part 2 (spine, skull, and rib cage) 

2-day weekend  - Organs

4-day intensive - The NeuroEndocrine System

4-day intensive - Muscles

2-day weekend - Functional Anatomy & Yoga Integration

All modules can be taken individually except for integration

Weekend workshops are Saturdays and Sundays 9:30-12:30 and 2-5

4-day intensives (Skeletal 1 & Muscles) are Fridays 5-7pm, Saturdays & Sundays 9:30am-5pm, and Mondays 9:30am-12pm

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will develop a personal understanding of the basic functions of each system

  • Students will be able to discern the difference in movement initiated through different systems

  • Students will understand the value and reason (function) behind initiating movement from the different systems

  • Students will be able to notice in themselves and in others what system is dominant

  • Students will be able to assess imbalances and dysfunction in movement patterns and offer guidance for resolution through verbal cues, hands-on assists and demonstration

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to suggest/prescribe movement practices that are appropriate, safe and serve the desired outcome for their clients

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn the names and functions of key anatomical parts/principles

  • Students will demonstrate correct assistance and hands-on (touch) guidance for body awareness in movement

  • Students will properly facilitate various repatterning techniques for the different systems

  • Students will complete a final research project that demonstrates competence of these principles in their profession/field



Full Program Cost: $1600/$1500*
2-day workshops: $250/$225*
4-day workshops: $450/$400*
* early bird discount



100-hour Anatomy in Motion certificate

The 100-hour certificate is available to students who wish to pursue an advanced and thorough study of experiential anatomy and its application to Yoga and physical movement modalities. The Anatomy in Motion certificate program includes 80 hours of contact time plus twenty hours of home study.


300-hour advanced studies Sola School Advanced Studies: Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program

Anatomy in Motion comprises one third of our advanced program and is required for all certifying students.


CE Credits for Massage Therapists

70 hours of CE (Continuing Education) credits are available for massage therapists and bodyworkers. This program is NCBTMB approved.