The Art of Teaching 200-Hour RYT Program Payment

The Art of Teaching 200-Hour RYT Program Payment

from 2,500.00

In order to ensure our integrity as a collective that values ethical and inclusive representation we offer multiple pricing tiers and equity rates. If you are able to pay for a higher cost, your funds will help provide for someone else who doesn't experience the same financial ease. We appreciate your honesty and self-reflection in choosing the cost that is appropriate for you. We believe that coming together in mutual support and moving away from valuing dollars over humans will make all of our communities healthier and happier.

The reduced rates we offer are a critical component to making our program inclusive, accessible and equitable. Our equity rates are given to those whose voices have been historically marginalized and silenced, and are therefore underrepresented as yoga and meditation teachers. This means non-white, queer, people with disabilities (visible and non-visible), and people who cannot typically access these kinds of programs due to prohibitive cost and/or cultural insensitivity. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Pricing options
benefactor rate: $4000—5 available
support rate: $3500—5 available
standard rate: $3000—10 available
reduced rate: $2500—5 available

Click here to apply for an Equity Tuition Rate—5 available.

Pricing Option:
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