Equity Rate Tuition for QBIPOC

We understand that many in our community have financial limitations and it is our intent to make all our offerings as accessible as possible to those who wish to attend.

We believe that coming together in mutual support and moving away from valuing dollars over humans will make all of our communities healthier and happier.

The reduced rates we offer are a critical component to making our program inclusive, accessible and equitable. Our equity rates are given to those whose voices have been historically marginalized and silenced, and are therefore underrepresented as yoga and meditation teachers. This means non-white, queer, people with disabilities (visible and non-visible), and people who cannot typically access these kinds of programs due to prohibitive cost and/or cultural insensitivity. 

To apply for Equity Rate Tuition for our 2018 200-Hour Teacher Training please use the form below. Equity Rates will be given as available based on demonstrated need. We ask that participants pay what they can.

In addition to this form, Equity Rate applicants will also need to:

  1. complete the general application for the 200TT Program 
  2. include with their application a one-to-two page statement of intent that should tell us first and foremost your intentions in studying with us. How will you use your training? Why is this training important to you at this time? What community or organization will you bring your teaching skills to? What are skills make you eligible for the position you seek? What are your financial considerations?
  3.  include with their application one letter of reference from a teacher or mentor who is not a family member

Send all application materials in one email to info@solaschool.com.

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It is important to us that Equity Trade is available to those who may otherwise be unable to access this training. We also wish to prioritize the participation of non-white identified people. Please answer honestly and check all of the following that apply to you. Thank you. *