Means of Exchange Series

Sola is co-hosting Means of Exchange, a workshop series with Renee Sills/Embodied Astrology. This is a series of relational experiences and experiments. These workshops provide safe spaces where we can practice being vulnerable together and support each other’s personal healing. This series’ focus is on means of exchange that often imply deeply held attachments and can provoke or build upon emotional entanglements.

Sex (physical intimacy, desire and vulnerability), death (endings, attachments, inheritances) and money (resources, sustenance, security and power) are all areas of life which are regularly treated as taboo. Culturally and personally it’s common to avoid open conversations about our deepest feelings. Many of us carry intense embarrassment, shame, fear or confusion. The weight of our own personal histories and the cultures of avoidance many of us live in or come from, leave us with a lack of resources for dealing compassionately and effectively with the complex mix of emotion and trauma that often infuses these topics.

The aim of this series is to illuminate these shadow areas of our lives. Meditation, movement, creative practices, self-reflection and facilitated conversations provide opportunities for healing and transformative integration. We find that in our work together the ways that we previously felt isolated and damaged instead become sites of radical empowerment, vibrant aliveness and truly satisfying intimacy.

Each session is unique and tailored towards the community and environment it is presented in.

Would you like to host any or all of the Means of Exchange workshops with your community? Contact Renee.

Upcoming workshops in the series:

December 1 | Elemental Economics
December 2 | Let's Talk About Sexual Healing
December 3 | Dying is Easy Comedy is Hard
January 12 | Let's Talk About Sexual Healing
January 13 | Elemental Economics
January 14 | Dying is Easy Comedy is Hard

Image by  Janna Dorothy

Image by Janna Dorothy


Our bodies and their instincts are constantly being manipulated for marketing purposes and control tactics. Many of us have suffered extremely for, and in, our sexual desires and identities. Still more of us carry heavy burdens of shame and fear in our bodies from past abuses, or as inheritance from religious and cultural norms that divorce our humanness from our “goodness.”

These sessions offer tools for integration and healing in our bodies, instincts and desires. We’ll explore different strategies and ideas about how we can buck the system of shame and promote positive, healthy and consensual sexuality for ourselves and others. Each session, dependent on location, offers a different approach.

Image by  Janna Dorothy

Image by Janna Dorothy


Financial independence and stability is something that most of us desire. We are taught to pursue accumulation of wealth and for many of us, if we don’t succeed in this, we feel devalued as humans. Almost all of us are consistently faced with financial stress of some kind, yet the answers we are given by our culture often amplify the stress by giving us more apps, more strategies, more pressure to compete, acquire and consume.  

With 8 billion people on the planet and finite resources we simply cannot continue under the auspice of individual gains and capitalist expansion. What are our other options though? Could it be that secrets to a sustainable economy have been right under our noses and here on Earth this whole time?

These workshops explore the poetics of elemental relationships, living systems and design thinking as inspiration for regenerative economies. We’ll engage creatively to identify easy and pleasurable means for sharing and receiving. Each session includes ideation and devising of practical strategies that we can implement in our communities in order to support people having what they need and feeling needed in what they have to give.

Image by  Janna Dorothy

Image by Janna Dorothy


The only sure bets in life are beginnings and endings. And try as we might, we can’t have one without the other. It’s certain that we will all experience the processes of aging, illness and transition for ourselves, family and friends. It’s also certain that for as many happy beginnings as we will have, there will be just as many “small deaths” of ending relationships, aborted or completed projects, and shifting circumstances that require letting go.

For most of us endings are hard. When we face their mystery and completeness we also face the ephemerality of our lives and a plethora of existential questions. At the same time though, endings and change can create exquisite openings and access to profound joy or the “cosmic jokes” of change and non-attachment.

In these sessions we’ll co-create unique rituals of release. We’ll work to dissolve layers of our identities, relax attachments and appreciate the poignancy of each moment.  Our experiential research and conversations might include practicing dying through long savasana, meditations for letting go, preparation of living wills, writing exit plans or break-up letters, and strategies for passing on what we no longer need.