Angela Braxton-Johson

Angela Braxton Johnson.jpg

Originally from Alexandria, Virginia, Angela has lived in Portland, Oregon nearly fifty years. She graduated from Jefferson High School of Performing Arts and studied Music Therapy at Howard University in Washington, DC. Angela, a writer, poet and flutist, has been an Entrepreneur for over 25 years. She’s also worked as a social worker, abuse recovery advocate and AquaFun water exercise guide. Through a program called Be Nourished, Angela is studying to become a Certified Body Trust Provider, a program helping people (primarily women in bigger bodies) heal from disordered eating and weight stigma with a compassionate self-care model. Body Trust also promotes social justice and trauma-informed care. Angela is currently working on publishing a story book about surviving abuse and trauma, as well as a poetry book on liberation. She is a woman of faith and a recent graduate of SOLA Yoga School. Practicing yoga has taken Angela’s spiritual walk to a deeper level and has aided immensely with her overall wellness. SOLA School is where Angela first experienced accessible yoga and learned that yoga really is for every  body. Her practice incorporates music, poetry and joyful movement. She’s married with three adult children, two grandsons and two dogs.