Ayomide Njo


Ayomide enjoys creating environments where people can go to the edge of their comfort zone and study themselves. One way she takes people to to their personal edge is through Yoga. Ayomide believes that Yoga is a tool for social justice and community bridging. She currently teaches Kaleidoscope community yoga and a yoga class that supports Humans of Color.  Kaleidoscope yoga creates an environment where people learn to deepen their ability to build physical relationships with people through touch, yoga, sacred geometry and images. Students of this practice deepen into their personal yoga journey by learning what it means to share one. 

Her class Humans of color yoga is a practice to get indigenous and peoples of the diaspora to move away from a culture of destruction and engage in a culture of self-care. 

Ayomide currently teaches at Dance at Portland Community College and Teaches Yoga at The Peoples CO-OP. She is also a co-creator of Chakralot meditation Chocolates. She believes that meditation can be a delicious journey that everyone can experience. Chocolate can be a used as a sweet treat or a tool to support you in investigating your deepest self. 

Ayomide is a native to Oregon. She has been teaching movement to people of all ages and physical abilities for over a decade.  Currently she teaches dance at Portland Community College.  Her love for yoga has inspired here to bring yoga to underprivileged youth by offering free yoga in the park. She is 200hr YTT certified through the Sola school of contemplative arts as well as 100hr of Kaleidoscope Community yoga training. Her joy is movement and seeing other people move with joy.

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