A Question from lara pacheco

How can we effectively support and encourage individuals and communities to heal from past and present trauma as we work towards social justice and mass societal change? How do our ancestral, indigenous traditions and rituals fit into our healing? How do we bring these traditions and rituals into the future?

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lara pacheco, Seed & Thistle, Brown Girl Rise

lara pacheco is a Taíno, Latinx mamita that believes that our collective liberation is accessed through decolonizing ourselves by weaving ourselves into the web of ancestral medicine. lara directly works through ancestral medicine with plants and fungi. When not caring for her family, land and all creatures, lara runs seed and thistle apothecary, an educational resource, and co runs the seasonal wellness clinic that works to provide access to herbal medicine and massage for marginalized communities and brown girl rise, a youth empowerment program for young femmes of color.

thoughts:  my greatest hope with the panel is that it is an opportunity for folks to learn from one another the many ways we can address the imbalanced world we live in.  that we can find inspiration from one another, expand our toolkits, and also find ways to support one another.

Learn more about lara and her work at seedandthistle.com

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