A Question from Madeline Harmon

What does it mean to show up authentically as a person of color in majority white spiritual spaces? How does code switching intersect spiritual authenticity?

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Madeline Harmon, Peace in Schools

As a mindfulness teacher for Peace in Schools, Madeline’s mission is to assist youth in realizing their personal power and cultivating attitudes of loving kindness towards themselves and others.

Wellness and mindfulness have been connecting threads through Madeline’s life. As a young adult who struggled with mental illness, Madeline has made wellness and mindfulness the foundational building blocks of her life. She is deeply embedded in contemplative practice and credits Yoga, mindfulness and acupuncture for her emotional and physical well being.

Madeline has led several staff development trainings on the benefits of mindfulness to educators at each of the schools she has worked with. As a member of Piedmont Yoga’s Social Justice community, Madeline was responsible for planning, organizing and teaching at their first and second annual Yoga for Social Justice conference in Berkeley, California. Madeline is currently an advanced registered Yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance holding over 1000 hours of teaching experience and a 300 hour certification from Piedmont Yoga. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Work from Portland State University.

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