A Question from Teressa Raiford

What social justice work are you doing to educate our future?


Teressa Raiford, Don’t Shoot Portland

With a background strongly rooted in social economics, philanthropic platforms and community development, Teressa Raiford has long excelled in the business world with her entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Teressa is a key player in Portland’s social justice movement, and is the leader of the highly notable Don’t Shoot Portland activist group. Most recently Teressa has been invited as a guest panelist for TEDTalk(TEDxSalem), and has consistently maintained relationships through educational programming in partnership with Portland Art Museum, PNCA, PICA and Marylhurst College to promote social justice using art and education.

Spending her days organizing protests, food drives, educational workshops and more, Teressa has devoted her life to community development and outreach. Since embracing her role as a justice crusader, Teressa has run for public office, been elected as a District 2 PCP, and led the ranks in several committees, panels, and human rights organizations to help develop community outreach strategies and much more.

Find out more: teressaraiford.com

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