A Question from Touk Keo

There are many barriers to access in my sangha. These barriers include ADA accessibility and issues of location and transportation among others. How do you address the multiple barriers to access you find in your practices? What resources or support have been helpful for you in accommodating needs for the people who are interested in attending your events?

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Touk Keo, Radical Meditation for People of Color

Touk is a first generation Cambodian. She grew up in Oregon after her parents fled from the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970’s and feels privileged to have been brought up with Theravada Buddhism. Touk was raised by her grandma/yiey, who was the village healer outside of Takeo, Cambodia. She felt displaced in Salem, Oregon because her family was one of three families of color in their neighborhood. She utilized skateboarding and hiking as coping mechanisms for dealing with racism, classism, misogyny. Touk is the founder and director for Radical Meditation for People of Color.

Find out more: facebook.com/radicalmeditationPOC/

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