Waitlist Registration—Full Weekend: Radical Dharma with Rev. Angel

Waitlist Registration—Full Weekend: Radical Dharma with Rev. Angel

from 150.00

Registration for one waitlisted attendee for the full weekend 3-part event:

Friday, November 17th 6-8PM:
Reverend Angel will guest facilitate a special session of Radical Meditation for People of Color (POC only)

Saturday November 18th 12-6PM & Sunday November 19th 12-3PM:
Radical Dharma Workshop with Reverend Angel (open to all)

Sunday November 19th 4-6PM:
A panel discussion centering voices of Portland's leaders, educators and visionaries of color who, together with Reverend Angel, will share and discuss strategies and ideas surrounding racial equity and social organizing here in Portland. We strongly encourage business owners, administrators, educators and other leaders to attend! (open to all)

Non-POC attendees who purchase a full workshop registration will be gifting a scholarship seat to the Radical Meditation for POC.  

Please pay what you can. If you are able to easily pay for the higher cost, do it. Your funds will go to cover someone else’s scholarship in this workshop or the next one. If you need to take a lower cost, do it. We want you to be here. Our scholarships are given with preference to those whose voices are underrepresented in the Yoga/Meditation/American Buddhist community – this means non-white, queer, people with disabilities (visible and non-visible), and people who cannot typically access these services due to prohibitive cost. In order to ensure our own integrity as a collective that values ethical and inclusive representation we ask scholarship recipients to fill out this form.

NOTE: This registration is only available to individuals who were invited to purchase from the waitlist. We reserve the right to cancel the purchase of any individual who completes a purchase and was not invited from the event waitlist.