Inspired Transformation & Self-Study

I’ve practiced bodywork for 15 years and I always learn something new in Renee’s classes & workshops. Her practical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology combined with her intellectual curiosity make her classes smart and inspiring.
— Alison Gaylor, LMT
Sarah’s teacher training was inspiring and life-changing. I came to the training with the intention of deepening my practice, but I left with the desire (and ability) to teach others and pay forward what I had learned.
— Sam Kaan, Community Organizer
Sarah Trelease is a sensational teacher who will guide you on a deep and thorough journey of your body, mind and heart. Her teaching sparks curiosity, inquiry and joy. Also, Sarah is a deep practitioner with a warm, thoughtful and lovely demeanor. Consider yourself lucky if you have the privilege to study with Sarah!
— Margi Young, Yoga Teacher
I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to study with the best teachers in the world. From the Iyengars to their senior teachers from around the world. These are people who have devoted their whole lives to this path and have studied for over 40 years. BKS Iyengar for 80 + years! Needless to say it is hard to wow me and I have to say that is what Renee did the first time I walked into her class. Her bright clear presence is shadowed by her humble gentle approach. Renee has an outstanding understanding of anatomy and is gifted in her ability to share and allow her students to experience her teachings through movement. Her classes are fun and informative, inspiring a deeper inquiry and curiosity. I feel honored to be able to study with such a talented and elegant teacher.
— Maria Bacher NTP Certified Iyengar yoga instructor